How to Make Homemade Natural Shampoo

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To make a homemade natural shampoo, boil down rosemary, sage and nettles in water, and add the herb concentrate to pure Castile soap. Create a homemade herbal shampoo that stimulates blood flow to the scalp with information from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Hi, my name is Lauren. Today I'm to discuss how to make homemade natural shampoo. First you're going to start off, you going to get actually castill soap. You're going to use castill soap. You're also going to use a half an ounce of rosemary, a half ounce of sage and a half ounce of nettles. The rosemary is going to help stimulate your hair follicle so it's going help actually with hair growth and just vitality. It's going to add a little bit more shine and luster. The nettle is actually going to also promote blood circulation which will keep your, your scalp very healthy and continually nourish your hair. You're going to take the three different herbs, the nettle, the nettles, the rosemary and the sage and you're going to boil two cups of water. Mix them into a jar, the herb, mix the herbs into a jar and then boil two cups of water. Once the water is boiled you're going to take some, two tablespoons of the actual herbs, mixture and you're going to place it within the boiling water. You're then going to let boiling water sit for about thirty to forty five minutes and let it cool. After it's cooled you're going to then put in two ounces or the remainder, you're going to strain the herbs out of the boiling water. And then you're going to put it in an eight ounce bottle. That eight ounce bottle is maybe like a shampoo bottle. Make sure it's clean and that if it has been used before that you have cleaned it out. You're then going to add the mixture into the shampoo bottle. After you've added the mixture into the shampoo bottle you're going to add that four ounces of castill soap in order to get the shampoo to work. Remember when you are making your shampoo, that your shampoo will not, it does not have the emulsifiers that regular shampoos do that are store bought. So it will not actually wind up having that detergent feeling. And it will not get as sudsy or as soapy as store bought material as well. So once you mix everything up then you have your own bottle of freshly natural homemade herbal shampoo.


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