How to Get Pride & Prejudice Hairstyles

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To get Pride and Prejudice hairstyles, use finger waves and pin curls to achieve a naturally curly effect, or use a very narrow curling iron for tiny curls around the entire head. Tease the top of the hair to gain height when styling hair like Pride and Prejudice with information from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Lauren and today I am going to discuss how to get Pride and Prejudice hairstyles. During times of Pride and Prejudice a lot of the hairstyles were very curly. You also had a lot of finger waves. Finger waves are easy to do on somebody else in some ways but they are not very easy to do on yourself. Also they did a lot of pin curlers and it was mostly setting the hair and that is how they got a lot of their styles. If you think about it during that era there wasn't as much to work with and there wasn't as much accessible to them in order to get their hair to look a certain way so they did a lot of setting. In order to do a pin curl you are going to simply grab your hair, smooth it out to the end. You are going to roll wrap your hair around itself and then push the ends of your hair inside that little roll. You are then going to roll your hair up and then you'll secure it with some sort of a clip. Those little pi curlers are actually going to help with the set and with getting you that curl. Now these days most people don't actually use pin curls so another great way that you can actually get the same style is to tease the top of your hair in this area because a lot of those styles were back there away from the face so you can see the top of your hair by sliding your comb down, you are going to want to do two minor slides and then one long one so it is one two and then three. Once you get your hair mostly teased, you are going to smooth it out, that will help get you that height. Once you get the height in that front section you can tie it off using a elastic rubber band so that way you get the height in the front then you can actually get the pin curl look by using a small curling iron. You can actually use a curling iron that is a little smaller than this and you can go through and actually curl the hair. If you want to get more of your finger wave look you can actually use a flat iron and curl with a flat iron because it gives you a little bit softer of a curl which will help give you more or less that waved look rather than that very curled look. A lot of these styles were soft and loose on the top but then they curled a lot more at the end so this will help kind of achieve more or less that finger wave. You simply put the flat iron up by the root, twist your wrist and bring it down continuously twisting, that way your hair gets more of that wear curl then you can simply pin the hair wherever it is needed and necessary and that is how to get a Pride and Prejudice hairstyle.


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