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There are some genetics involved in getting diabetes, but diabetes can largely be prevented by avoiding processed and refined foods, and by exercising. Find out how to pay attention to the body, as well as nutrition labels on food, with help from a licensed RN in this free video on diabetes prevention.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kayti Brosnan. I'm a Registered Nurse here in Austin, Texas and today I'm going to talk to you about the prevention of diabetes. The great thing about diabetes is that it is preventable. There are some genetics involve; but it is a preventable disease that you and I can actually fight against. And some of the ways that we can fight to prevent diabetes is the first thing being diet. Avoiding any sort of processed or refine foods is a really great start. You want to avoid soda; any sort of simple sugars like white bread or white flour, candy, all of these stuff that we all like. It taste good for a reason 'cause it's bad for you. A second thing is exercise. A lot of us are having lots of sedentary lives; we're not exercising as much as our bodies need. The reason why we're eating is, is for energy so that we can run and play and be active in the world. And so exercise need to, needs to be incorporated in our daily lives or weekly lives. If you can't do it everyday, try three times a week. And the other thing is education; we're not educating ourselves enough on food; what we're putting in our bodies; the chemicals that we're using and education can really help you avoid bad foods and bad habits. Remember to always pay attention to your body; it'll tell you if it's, if it's not getting what it needs. So always pay attention to your body. Pay attention to the nutrition labels on the food that you're eating and remember, diet, exer, exercise and education are the best way of preventing diabetes.


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