What Is the Salary of a Travel Nurse?

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The salary for a travel nurse is usually based on a range that includes $25 to $54 an hour, but this usually includes travel expenses and housing that companies provide. Find out what types of assignments travel nurses can be expected to take with help from a licensed RN in this free video on nursing jobs and health care.

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Hi, my name's Kayti Brosnan. I'm a registered nurse here in Austin, Texas, and I'm going to tell you today what the salary of a traveling nurse is. The salary kind of goes in any direction, because it's not just how much you're making per hour or for overtime. This also includes housing. A lot of these companies pay for your certifications or your licensure in those states. They pay for your travel. They pay for your airfare. Some of them pay for your bills. So, there's a whole, there's a whole lot of ways that they actually take care of you and and your salary is paid to you. On average, you're making anywhere from twenty five to fifty four dollars an hour, and that is from coast to coast. In New York and California you're going to be making more. In some more rural areas you're going to be making less, but that that's kind of your set hourly rate, and then on top of that you're getting your housing. You can also have the option of not not have housing provided by them, but taking a housing stipend and so on top of your weekly or bi-weekly check you'll also have an added amount of what your housing stipend is from that hospital. Usually, in travel nursing you're you're taking anywhere from eight to twelve week assignments, and then you can do extensions from there. That's kind of on average. There's some that off the bat will give you an extension to thirty six months. In places like California if they're doing a little bit of training with you or it's a newer hospital and they want to keep nurses around for a for a longer time. But there are a lot of benefits to travel nursing, and so the salary doesn't really just come with the monetary amount. It's it's with the experience, and the people that you meet, and all the other little things that come with it. So, that's the average salary of a travel nurse.


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