What Does a Labor & Delivery Nurse Do?

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A labor and delivery nurse has many jobs, including managing the care of women before they deliver a baby, OR circulation, triage, doing inductions and starting IVs. Discover more tasks that are often assigned to labor and delivery nurses with help from a labor and delivery nurse in this free video on nursing and obstetrics.

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Video Transcript

My name is Josie Minks and I'm a labor and delivery nurse. I'm going to tell you a little bit about what a labor and delivery nurse does. There are many jobs of a labor and delivery nurse. One is anti-partum, which is before a woman delivers, there's some sort of a complication and the woman needs to be in the hospital. Such as, complications like her bag of water has broken or she's bleeding or the baby has stopped moving or anything along those lines, her cervix is dilated and she needs to be in the hospital on bedrest. So, the labor and delivery nurse would manage her care. Also, the labor and delivery nurse does OR circulation, in the operating room for C-sections, so here she would do the scrub and just set up for the entire C-section. The labor and delivery nurse would also do triage, so if a woman thinks her bag of water has broken or if she's having contractions and she thinks she's in labor, she would come in to the hospital and the labor and delivery triage nurse would determine if she's really in labor and if she needs to stay in the hospital or if she can go home and rest. The L and D nurse can also do inductions in labor and manage the patient's care when the woman's in labor, which means she is doing consents, starting IV's, discussing the plan of care, setting up for epidurals, doing coaching and breathing exercises and positioning, managing the baby's heart-rate and make sure the baby's cared for if there's any fetal heart decelerations. Then also, looking out for any complications, like a placenta previa or abruption, or a cord prolapse, or any kind of complications. The labor and delivery nurse is also a post-partum nurse and so she is managing the care after the baby is born and watching out for hemorrhaging or any kind of complications after the baby is delivered. Then also, the labor and delivery nurse is certified in neo-natal resuscitation, so she is taking care of the baby, once the baby is born, as well. These are the positions of the labor and delivery nurse.


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