How to Tell If a Ferret Is Male or Female

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To tell if a ferret is male or female, look for the bump of a penis in the middle of the abdomen on males, and identify the female genitalia between the legs and under the tail. Find out how males are generally larger than females in the ferret species with information from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Video Transcript

Lets talk about how to tell if a ferret is male or female. Now that, this is actually pretty easy for this type of species. Unlike it is for kittens a lot of times for people. Which males and females can look very similar. As far as male ferrets are concerned they have a prepuce where they urinate from, where their penis is, that is, on the mid part of their abdomen. And so there will be this little what looks like an outty belly button on the mid part of their belly. And so that's what a male looks like. And males and females are generally neutered and spayed when you adopt or buy them from a pet store and so you don't see any external genitalia like testicles in males. Now when you talk about females, the female's genitalia is the vulva which is actually between the legs, and you know, kind of under the tail between the legs and so that's an obvious distance difference between males and females. Barring that, males typically are larger than females and males obviously are going to be urinating from that mid part of the abdomen versus a female who's going to be urinating from between the legs. And so actually in the ferret species it is easier to identify male and female than some others.


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