How to Litter Train a Ferret

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Litter training a ferret generally comes naturally to the animal if a shallow litter pan and ferret-approved litter is placed in the cage. Praise the ferret whenever it uses the litter pan in order to positively reinforce litter training with advice from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Let's talk about how to litter train a ferret. So ferrets, like cats, are, are very accustomed to using litter which works out very well in a caged setting. And so, what you want to do is, if you get, adopting or buying a ferret that's a young one that hasn't been used to litter so far, is go ahead and put a shaller, shallow litter pan with a clay type or approved ferret type of litter in that cage. And so, a lot of ferrets are going to just take to that and they kind of by instinct know that they can root around in that and defecate and urinate in that litter. If they don't and they defecate outside of that litter box, the one thing you can do, is take that stool or, or a little bit of urine and put it in the litter box. And so that will kind of get them accustomed to it as well. If you're just getting a ferret and you're trying to litter train it, then keeping it kind of confined until it's using the litter pan is a better way to go obviously because otherwise they're going to be going everywhere in your environment, which isn't as good. Also, when they do use the litter pan, you want to praise them and pet them and let them know that, that was a good thing that they did. Because that way it'll positively reinforce that using litter is OK. Make sure you're using a, a, a good approved litter as well for ferrets because small sandy kind of, kind of litters can be ingested easily and you don't obviously want your ferret ingesting sand or foreign bodies in that nature. And secondly again, just put litter with them and most ferrets are going to take to that naturally.


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