How to Adopt a Ferret

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To adopt a ferret, research the needs of a ferret, find out how social the ferret is, make sure it is healthy, and set up the cage and environment before bringing the ferret home. Make sure ferrets are legal in your state before adopting one with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Let's talk about how to adopt a ferret. So in a situation of adoption, it may be that a ferret's in a household that just hasn't been appropriate and so they want to find a home for it. And so, a coupe things you want to do is one, is research ferrets first. Make sure that a ferret is a type of pet that you want. They are carnivores, they have a musk to them so they smell a little bit, they're escape artists and they're mischievous, but they're great pets. So just make sure it's something that you want, also and can take care of. Also, they're not legal in every state so you're going to have to check with your local laws. Make sure you don't have to have a permit to keep them. And a third thing you want to do is spend time with it and see if this is an appropriate type of pet for you. Is it a nice ferret, is it social and interactive? Or does it have any kind of behavioral issues as in it doesn't want to be picked up, that sort of thing. Before adopting you want to have a ferret checked out by a veterinarian who will see ferrets to make sure that it's healthy and not coming along with you know, some diseases that ferrets can get, before you adopt. So lastly, if a ferret is right for you, you want to have caging and housing and things like that all set up when you bring the ferret in to the environment. Because you have to have them caged when you're not supervising them, because they can escape and can get in to trouble sometimes. Ferrets can be great pets if they're correct or right for you and your situation. So adopting ferrets, occasionally you can find ferrets at humane societies or at pet stores, that need homes or sometimes in advertisements on line or in the newspaper. But again, you want to research them first and make sure that they're an appropriate pet for you.


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