How to House a Ferret

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House a ferret in a commercial, multilevel ferret cage using non-edible bedding, a shallow litter pan, a ferret-designed food bowl and a hanging water bottle. Include a hammock for the ferret to lounge in with advice from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Let's talk about how to house a ferret. The best way is to use a commercial ferret cage that's designed for ferrets. You can get those at most pet stores obviously that carry ferrets. These cages are generally wire that's coated, it's pretty long and it's designed to have secure doors because ferrets are good escape artists. In the bottom of these cages there's generally wire or there's a pan in the bottom that you would use bedding. And the bedding can be types of recycled newspaper bedding or corn cob types of bedding, things like that that they're not going to ingest. In the bottom of this ferret cage you're going to use a shallow litter pan, even shallower than this. Ferrets, like cats adapt to litter very easily, and so that would be in one corner of the cage. In the other corner you'd want to use a food bowl, a shallow food bowl with a ferret approved or a ferret designed diet. And also ferrets do really well with hanging water bottles. And so that can hang right near the food bowl, not over the food bowl but right near it. And that's how they get their water supply. Also in ferret cages, you want to obviously make sure that's it's big enough where they can move around quite a bit, and multilevel ferret cages actually work better. And one reason is they like to move around quite a bit and you can hang a small ferret hammock which you can also get at pet stores in there. Ferrets like to lay in these hammocks and kind of lounge quite a bit. And so your ferret cage is designed again to be secure and safe that they can't get out of because they are escape artists and they like to get in to trouble as soon as they get out. Because they like to find things to get in and behind.


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