How to Care for Ferrets

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Caring for ferrets includes providing a multilevel wire cage with hammocks, a water bottle and food and litter pans. Feed ferrets specially formulated ferret food, and make sure they are under constant supervision. Find a veterinary clinic that frequently cares for ferrets with advice from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Let's talk about how to care for ferrets. Ferrets are carnivores and the family of muscalids. And so the first thing you need to know is actually that these can be illegal in some states. And so make sure through your fish and wildlife agency that you can even keep a ferret. If you can, ferrets are wonderful pets but they can be challenging. And so they have some unique things that you need to think about and keep in mind when caring for them The first thing is research a ferret first. Know everything about ferrets before you get involved with one, because they can, they do have their own unique properties. First of all caging, using a wire cage that's multilevel. They like hammocks in their cages and things like that, is how you're going to house them with water bottles, food and litter pans. They're easily litter trained. And so as far as that's concerned after that, you start worrying about diet. Now ferrets can eat cat food but they're carnivores and they're a little bit more unique than that. And so using a special ferret food is a much better idea. So check with your pet store or veterinary clinic and they can help you work that out. Ferrets are pretty mischievous, they like to burrow, they like to get in to things, they're mischievous, so you have to keep constant supervision on them. They will sometimes get between or behind furniture and get themselves trapped in areas or chew on things they're not supposed to. So you have to keep that in mind as well. So the other issue is making sure you have a veterinary clinic that will see ferrets around you in case something goes wrong or your ferret gets sick. They also need vaccines like distemper and rabies every year and so check with your clinic on that as well.


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