What Is a Comma Splice?

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A comma splice is a type of run-on sentence that occurs when two independent clauses are incorrectly joined together. Fix a comma splice by inserting a period, a semicolon or a coordinating conjunction with help from a writer and English tutor in this free video on grammar and punctuation.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm here to tell you about Comma Splices. And what you can do to avoid them. A Comma Splice is a type of run-on sentence. Which is two complete sentences, incorrectly joined together. To form one sentence. So here's an example. The power went out last night, the clocks were blinking when I woke up. Now there are a couple of different ways that you can fix this. One way to fix this, is just to separate them. And make them two complete sentences. So you would take out the comma. Change it to a period. And just make this an upper case letter. Another way to fix it, is to change the comma to a semi colon. Although, semi colons tend to get over used sometimes. And they stand out more in a sentence. So that's maybe not the best solution. A better way to do it, would be to just insert one of the seven Coordinating Conjunctions, after the comma. So because this is a cause and effect. Se would use, So. The power went out last night, so the clocks were blinking when I woke up.


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