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Commas are used in sentences to create a pause, to clarify two separate clauses, to separate items in a series and to join multiple complete sentences. Use commas correctly with grammar help from a creative writing instructor in this free video on writing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm here to tell you about when to use a comma. Commas have a lot of different rules and functions within a sentence. But the basic function is to help guide a reader through the sentence. Sometimes they create a pause, although not always. And one thing that they do is, help you, the reader. Avoid confusion in a sentence. So for example, while I cooked Comma, my friend answered the phone. So that makes it clear that your friend is answering the phone. And not in, it's not reading like, While I cooked my friend. Another common use of commas is to separate items in a list or a series. So for example, The American flag is red, white and blue. So when you have three or more items in a series. To separate them with commas to pause between each one. Another thing that commas do is to help you join multiple complete sentences, into one sentence. A comma, plus what's known as a Coordinating Conjunction. So here, I flew home on Sunday. Is a complete sentence. As is, My sister stayed until Wednesday. But because those ideas are related. It makes sense to combine them into one sentence. With a comma and But. Which is the Coordinating Conjunction that helps join them together.


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