How to Hook Up a Guitar Pedal to an Amplifier

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Hook up a guitar pedal to an amplifier by plugging in a cord connecting the guitar to the pedal, and then plugging in a cord from the pedal output to the amplifier input. Add a guitar pedal to an amplifier setup with instructions from a musician and band member in this free video on guitars.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I'm going to be showing you how to hook up a guitar pedal to an amplifier. First say I had a guitar plug it into my guitar and then I take this end and plug it into here. And this setup I have three pedals. One feeding into the next, feeding into the next. But you know if I was just plugging this one in, I would plug the out, there's an output. Plug it into the output but I'm going to feed it through three of them. Plug that into the output. And that actually turns all of these would be active and I can switch them on and off using the pedal. And then from the output go straight up to the amp. Plug it into the input and there you have it. That's pretty much, it's the same thing as plugging straight into the amplifier except for you are plugging into a pedal first and you are using two chords to do it cause you have to have an input and then an output. And that's how you hook up a guitar pedal to an amplifier.


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