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Writing a legal memo informs people of any legal action going on, such as personal lawsuits, company illegal activity, binding agreements or any other important changes. Summarize any legal activity going on in the company in the form of a memo with help from a management teacher in this free video on business.

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Hi my name is Mark, and we are going to look at how to write a legal memorandum. Legal memorandum are legal documents used internally by solicitors, attorneys, lawyers. I think, for a company, on behalf of a company, or internally themselves. And the purpose of this is they are writing a summary. A legal summary of a situation that is happening. That situation can vary from a lawsuit from one company to another. Personal lawsuits. Company illegal activity. It could even be a legal binding document which indicates that one person in the company is doing some form of activity and wants to make sure that that activity is supported by the company. A like a legally binding agreement. Either which way these documents are used and can be used in the process of law. And therefore they have to be structured and formulated in such a way that it's a formal document. And it has to be stationed by the official lawyer and the official recipient of that activity. The managing director of a company. The employee within an organization. So the people who are involved in this need to formally agree that that is the state of action that they are taking. So this memoriam needs to have a subject, an issue. So a lawsuit for example. The title is very clearly put, who is involved with this. What is the situation? Then there would be an analyst of this. An action plan. There would be various points where by the activity of the specific situation is being documented. And is formulated in such a way that the various steps involved in the procedure have been clarified and agreed by all parties involved. There are a number of steps that are involved in this particular legal memorandum. The first one is what we would call the issue, the statement of the actual tangible situation, what we would call the issue. So that would need to be detailed in a few lines, few lines, maybe a paragraph. Followed by what we call a statement of facts. This would be the issues as they've been reported and it can be verified. And what I mean by that is it is being backed up by more than one source. So they are facts, known facts. These can't be juggled with or played with they are actual statements of facts that you can deal with specifically. Then you'd have an analyst of those facts. The situation being that the bank was robbed, for example. And the assailants were and the bank members were and the people and the witness were. And all these would be verified by names specific names, times, etc. So the information would be there. Then it would be analyzed. What does the legal firm believe that the possible roots of action or steps that they can take? Then finally there would be a section what we call recommendations. The lawyers would come to some form of conclusion. And say these are what we believe in our expertise. Are the steps that should be taken to solve this particular problem.


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