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When writing an idea memo to go out to all employees, include a relevant title, a date, a time and all pertinent information to the topic. Pass around a hard copy or email out a memo with help from a management teacher in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Mark, and we're going to look at how to write a great memo. A memo is an internal document set up to insure communication; clear communication is in place internally. A memo is usually written up after, or possibly sometimes during a meeting. To ensure that everyone within the organization or relevant people within the organization are aware of any discussions you've made internally following an internal meeting. A memo can also be written as a follow up to something with importance that's happened maybe even outside of the office that people need to know internally. Maybe a merger, an acquisition, new management team, new product, something. So the memo, it's very important that the relevant people, I say relevant because if it's not relevant to you why would you want to read extra paper work or online information. Which leads me to the next point, this memo can be hardcopy and on the Internet. The internal email system. Depends on the size of the organization of course. I mean if a company's only ten people, then you really don't need to set that up. If it's a company of a hundred people or plus, then maybe the Internet system is very important. The memo starts off with a subject. So lets say merger, acquisition. And then a date. When did this meeting take place? Who was at the meeting? Time of the meeting. And a key point that was raised during the meeting. With a summary of what was decided. So ultimately the information is clearly manifested on the document from, to, subjects. And detail. The body of the meeting. What actually happened with a summary at the end? Now these are the points of a memo. To make it great, to make it interesting, you much make sure that it is very clearly defined and interesting. With the key points highlighted so people understand. And if they need to find out more information where they should go. Should they go onto the company’s website, should they communicate with the Human Resources manager, General manager.


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