How to Start a Web Design Business

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Start a Web design business by getting the right education, providing design and search engine optimization services, marketing the business, and developing a portfolio. Consider focusing on a specific market for a Web design business with advice from a marketing management professional in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Mark, and we are going to look at how to start a web design business. This is a very very rapidly growing industry. And no surprisingly more and more people are on-line. And buying, selling, surfing. So on-line business now, worldwide huge. Why would you want to set up a design, website design business? Well because a lot of businesses need that. Is their page or their window, shop window into the sources or the products they're selling? So you need to think about the competitive aspect of this. A lot of people are doing it. A lot of people studying it. Can you already say convincing to yourself that you can run this affectively? Do you know enough? And if you do, can you also, or could you also work a long side other people that could supply and therefore network for you on your behalf. So if you operated lets say the design aspect of it, someone else maybe could help you with the search engine aspects of it. Or the domain name registration aspects of it. Because one of the reasons why people will come to you is they know nothing about it. So they'll rely on you to A. set up the look and interface of the, of the the website. But also they do need a marketing aspect, the fact that the search engine or the domain name is optimized on the search engine. So when people are looking for, for example dentistry, they will come to your consumers website design immediately. So websites or domain name optimization on the search engine is very very important. When you're offering your service, not only are you offering the look, the feel of the interactive aspect of that website. But the also the location of where, where the website is found. And is it easy to find? These are the very important aspects you need to consider when setting up a website design business. So one of the marketing aspects you might like to consider when, when running a web design business is your portfolio. Obviously you want to show people what you've done, what you've created. Which give you a little more creditability and belief and support in what you do. But also you might want to focus on specific in each market. Maybe religion, for example, maybe you do churches, not a bad idea. Or maybe you work with sports organizations. Or charities or something like that. If you focus on these areas and people know that you are specializing in their area. And may focus more affectively as a marketing tool for you.


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