How to Start Up a Small Restaurant

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Start up a small restaurant by deciding what type of food to serve, thinking about the cost of setting up a new restaurant, obtaining a location, finding a chef and designing a menu. Market the restaurant in local areas with advice from a marketing management professional in this free video on business.

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Hi my name is Mark, and we're going to look at how to start up a small restaurant. This is a dream for many people who like food for example. You have to think to yourself a small restaurant what does that mean? Are we talking about setting up a very small take away service? Or a restaurant proper. And when we're thinking about that, what kind of food do you think you'd be interested in. And for example if you look at Indian food. Is it a town where there's many Indian restaurants? Is that a good thing? Or a bad thing? It could be good because a lot of people like it. It could be bad because there's a lot of competition. You need to think about the type of food, maybe it's something you're particularly interested in. Or more importantly you believe is a business opportunity. Because, unless you're going to run it as a hobby, in which case you're not too worried about the money. Then you have to think about all the implications and costs involved in setting up a restaurant. You have to find the location. And it has to be a very central well positioned restaurant. Think about the cost involved in terms of setting it up. And the licensing and the agreements that you need before you can officially set up. So, do you have enough space in which to have enough people to turn over per sitting? A financially sound business. Do you have the facilities to cook in the premises? And if you do, do you need to, or the equipment you need to set up for that particular type of cuisine. And of course all the health and safety aspects of the restaurant itself. So you got to think of all of the costs involved there. And then of course you've got staff. Are you going to cook it yourself? Are you going to have to collect to find a chief who specializes in that cuisine? And then you have to think about whose going to manage the business daily. Who’s going to do all the food ordering? The foods going to be fresh one would assume. And if it's not it's going to be stored. Do you have enough storage space? You have to think about that too. How are you going to design the menu? And you change it every day or is it weekly or is it the same menu all the time? How are you going to distribute the menus? How are you going to market the business? Is the menu going to be a marketing tool for you? All of these things you need to consider. So small business, small restaurant means a lot of work and a lot of money so consider that.


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