How to Set Up a Visual Design Business

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Set up a visual design business by getting the appropriate training, obtaining the necessary computer software and design materials, offering service that is competitive and advertising effectively. Network and build a list of contacts to help make a visual design business successful with advice from a marketing management professional in this free video on business.

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Hello, my name's Mark, and we're going to talk about how to set up a visual design business. Visual design business basically means you're in the business of helping people with their visualization of what they are looking for in terms of their business. So it might be that you're helping with their brochure, or their interior design, or their on-line presence, or their advertising, or their packaging, or their merchandising. You're helping with the visual aspect of what it is they're offering. And as a consultant, you're working for yourself. So you'll need, obviously the tools of the trade, and that means a computer, that means you need DVD, you need sound, you need cameras, you need packaging materials, you need design, a design studio where you can actually replicate what people are looking for. And you need to be very good with colors. You need to understand the depth and the strength of colors. People need visualization because they haven't got the ideas themselves. So you have to come up with that. Now, the first question is, are you qualified to do this? Do you need to go and retrain? Need to go back to college? To gain your qualifications. Is your qualification important. Does it add credibility to what you're offering? Not just credibility, but the knowledge that you have. Again, there are many people doing this, so you have to offer service that is competitive. People have to believe and trust what is you do and therefore you have to build up a reputation over time. And recommendations from customers. The other question is, if you're going to do this for yourself, have you been doing this kind of work for many years for a company? Do you have a reputation at an advertising agency, or a film business or a graphic business, that you can bring customers with you because they like the way you operate and the way you work and what it is you do? So you need to think about all of these elements before starting up.


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