How to Create Magazine Advertisements

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Creating magazine advertisements requires considering the audience of the magazine in order to draw customers in effectively. Develop an advertisement that sells the product with helpful advice from a management professor in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Mark, and we're going to look at how to create a magazine advertisement. The first step is to consider who it is you want to advertise to. Obviously, if you're thinking about placing your products or services, in terms of advertising, within a magazine then you really need to think about what environment you want to appear in. Does it sit comfortably with whatever goods or services you provide? Once you've considered the environment, then obviously you need to consider the reach. How many people are actually going to receive this magazine? For example, if it's a weekly magazine the shelf life will obviously be a lot shorter than a monthly magazine. A weekly magazine will be read and dispersed within a few days. Whereas, a monthly magazine will actually be sitting around I don't know, an apartment, a waiting room, many places where people use it as a form of fodder to read while they're waiting for something, so a a a monthly magazine might be a good idea. Also, obviously the kudos of the magazine is important. If it's a well-known publication then people will pick it up and read it. And of course, the person who buys it doesn't always keep it. Maybe he passes it on, or she passes it on to a friend. So, there's much potential there in terms of getting your message across. Just make sure you're in the right magazine environment. So, now we're talking about creating the magazine. There are many software packages available. Microsoft Publisher is one which will take you through the steps of how you can create your own advertisement. This, of course, is if you want to do it yourself. It takes you through using the photo stock library. Which ones are available, the images that are available to for you to use, how best how they best suit your message, and of course, the copy that you need to put across. It should be simple and effective, and just convey the direct message. So, if I were you I would first of all, if you're going to do it yourself, go into a software package that can take you through the steps and give you advice. And of course, if you have some money, then again, my advice would be to go to a designer who can actually give you professional advice.


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