Which Blood Vessels Carry Blood Toward the Heart?

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The blood vessels that carry blood towards the heart are the veins, which carry blue, de-oxygenated blood. Learn how the veins carry blood to the heart for oxygenation with information from a nurse and respiratory therapist in this free video on blood vessels.

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Video Transcript

This subject matter is about which blood vessels carry blood toward the heart. Veins are known as blue blood because they are de-oxygenated and it's bringing in the dirty blood, if you want to call it that, that's de-oxygenated to the right side of the heart. Venules which are small veins, they're also part of the system that are de-oxygenated and they are blue in color because of the de-oxygenation because they're not carrying oxygenated blood which has an affinity...see the hemoglobin and the oxygen have an affinity for each other in the arterial system. So, the tissues have already been oxygenated and the exchange has already taken place within the capillary bed and now the veins and venules, which is the small veins are bringing this de-oxygenated blood back to the right side of the heart. Also, that's carrying back to the right side of the heart is the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava which superior means the top, head, shoulders, and hands, arms, the upper torso, is carrying dirty blood back down to the right side of the heart and the inferior vena cava is bringing it up from the lower parts of the body to dump it back in to the right side of the heart so it can go through the lungs for oxygenation.


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