How Many Blood Vessels Are in the Human Body?

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In the human body, there are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels through which the heart pumps blood. There are approximately 300 million capillaries in the human body. Find out how amazing blood vessels are within the human body with information from a nurse and respiratory therapist in this free video on blood vessels.

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I think you will find this subject matter extremely exciting and perhaps almost totally unbelievable, that how many blood vessels are in the human body. Did you know that the heart pumps blood at about sixty thousand miles of vascular network? That's how far that the vascular network is. The total surface capacity is approximately three point one miles. The length of the vessels is about thirty-seven thousand two hundred and eight miles; which is an amazing fact. With three hundred million capillaries or approximately one thousand four hundred and ninety-one miles of capillary beds; this is an amazing fact. The capillaries in the brain are approximately four hundred and three miles. Now, all the capillaries extend to about a hundred trillion cells in the total network, so when you think about how many blood vessels are in the human body think on these facts. Just treasure the fact that you have you been made with such a miraculous vascular network.


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