How to Put Out a Kitchen Fire

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Putting out kitchen fires depends on the type of fire, but suffocating the fire with a pot lid, sprinkling a liberal amount of baking soda over it or spraying it down with a fire extinguisher are all good steps to safely putting out a fire. Extinguish a kitchen fire with helpful information from a security system lead-tech in this free video on home safety.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name's Peter and I'm here today to teach you how to put out a kitchen fire. As discussed before, there's two types of dangers in your kitchen. You're going to have a danger of an electrical fire from either outlets for appliances shorting out or falling into the water or you're going to have grease fires from cooking of course. To put out a grease fire, there's a couple simple things that you need to think of. First of all, if you have a fire in a pan, go ahead and put a lid on top of that, that's going to cut off the oxygen supply inside of that pan and make that fire go out. If you don't have a lid nearby, or if that doesn't work, next move to your baking soda. This is the next best thing to put out a grease fire. Go ahead and dump a liberal amount of baking soda on top of that grease fire and that'll extinguish it. However if your grease fire is too large, the next thing you want to turn to is a fire extinguisher. You're going to want to have a class B fire extinguisher to put out the fire inside the great. They make special kitchen fire extinguishers which I would recommend to have for your kitchen. It covers class B and C. Class C is for electrical fires. If you do have an electrical fire in your kitchen, what you want to do is go ahead and go to the main power source for your house, the main breaker, and shut the power off. You never want to try putting out an electrical fire without shutting off the main breaker first. Once you do this you can go inside, grab your fire extinguisher, I apologize, and go ahead and put out that fire. But once again, you always need to make sure that you call the fire department first. You want to have them on their way because if this fire gets out of hand and you can't put it out, you don't want to have to be calling down after the fire has been going for a little while. So once again, call them first then go ahead and start putting out the fires. And that's how to put out a kitchen fire.


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