How to Troubleshoot Smoke Alarms

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Troubleshooting smoke alarms can be done by checking the batteries, vacuuming it out regularly, placing the smoke detector at least 20 feet away from the kitchen and testing it weekly. Learn to troubleshoot smoke alarms with helpful information from a security system lead-tech in this free video on home safety.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name's Peter and I'm here today to teach you how to troubleshoot a smoke detector. When troubleshooting a smoke detector, you want to look for a couple of symptoms. First of all, if your smoke detector is beeping constantly, you're going to want to check the batteries. That's a function that's built into your smoke detector to tell you that the batteries are getting low and they need to be changed. Secondly, one thing that you want to do when you're troubleshooting your smoke detector is vacuum it out all the way. Just clean the whole thing out if it seems to be going off more than it should, take a vacuum with a brush on the end and vacuum out around your entire smoke detector so that you can make sure that any dust that has built up on it has been taken away because this can cause your smoke detector to go off falsely. Second of all, check the placement of your smoke detector. If you're within 20 feet, if you're inside of 20 feet from your kitchen, you want to make sure that that smoke detector is moved away from your kitchen a little bit more because smoke from your stove can set that smoke detector off. Also make sure that it, the smoke detector is at least 10 feet away from your bathroom because steam from the shower will cause your smoke detector to go off falsely. Also your smoke detector should be tested weekly to make sure they perform properly. There's always a button on your smoke detector which you push and it will give you a beep. That beeping is to let you know that your smoke detector still works properly and that if you, if it was to go off, that the sound would sound and wake you up from your sleep. And that is how you troubleshoot a smoke detector.


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