How to Use a Panini Press

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A panini press usually has a temperature control on the outside, and the weight of the lid is enough to gently press the sandwich to perfection. Grill up a panini sandwich using a commercial panini press with instructions from an experienced chef in this free video on cooking.

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Video Transcript

Panini, you know what that means? Oh, panini, that means sandwich in Italian. I'm Jawara the Chef and I'm going to show you how to make your panini sandwich in a grill. The grill has two heating elements, one up on the top and one on the bottom, and two hinges, one on each side. The top part moves, that way it can accommodate any type of sandwich with the two hinges on the side. It also has a temperature control, 7 for high, middle for 4, and all the way off to off. These start off about a hundred dollars, but they can go up to a thousand dollars for the commercial, high-grade one. Now, I'm getting ready to turn mine on. Now, I'm getting ready to go make my sandwich. I've got sourdough bread, put a little butter on there, a little mustard, tomatoes, Swiss cheese and turkey, but you can make any type of sandwich you want, ham, chicken, vegetables, any way you want to make your own sandwich. But this is the way I'm going to make my sandwich. Put my mustard on, my cheese on, yeah, we'll put my cheese on, my tomato, layer a little turkey in there, more tomato, cheese. And now, I will butter both sides. Now, you put it on your grill, be very careful, it's hot, and just close it. No, press or nothing, you don't have to press it, just close it. The weight at the top is going to compress it, that's why you don't have to push it down. Now, it's been about three of four minutes. Lift it up, take it off. Remember, very hot. Bring it over here, put it on my cutting board. Okay. Let it rest for a few minutes, now start cutting it. Look at the texture. It smells good. Ah, look at that cheese oozing out and everything. Very nice. It smells good too. I'm Jawara the Chef and that's how you make your sandwich on the grill. And that's what I'm talking about.


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