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A recipe for making perfume oils should contain base notes (the longer-lasting woods and resins), heart notes, the main scent and top notes, which last the shortest amount of time. Blend a variety of oils to come up with a well-balanced fragrance with helpful advice from a natural perfume producer in this free video on perfumes.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie from and I'm going to give you recipes for making perfume oils. I'm actually going to kind of show you my process so that you can choose whichever oils you would like to create your perfume oils. First I start out with base notes, these are the woods and resins, the longest lasting notes. And to that, I will add my middle notes or the heart notes and then the top notes, which are the ones that will last the shortest time. So, when I'm making a recipe, I start with the base notes and I just add a few drops, not really any specific rhyme or reason. But, I'll do a few drops of my base notes and then go on to a few drops of middle and top notes. And I'll write down the number of drops I've used for each one so that, if I like this blend, then I can come back and make more of it later. And so, when I've blended these together, I'll let them sit for about 24 to 48 hours and that gives the blends some time to mature. You know, during that time, the smell will change as the oils been together. And so, after that period, I'll go back, evaluate it and make whatever adjustments I'd like to make. Let it sit a little while more and when I like how it is, I'll dilute it in my carrier. I usually use fractionated coconut oil, you can also use jojoba, you can also use alcohol, a high proof alcohol like EverClear. And then, when those blend together, then you'll have a finished perfume.


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