How to Troubleshoot Car Stereo Speakers

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When troubleshooting car stereo speakers, it's helpful to determine what the exact problem is, such as whether the whole stereo isn't working, or if it's just the sound. Discover how the age of the car may make a difference when troubleshooting car speakers with help from a car sound system designer in this free video on car audio tips.

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Video Transcript

Does the radio come on? That's a very important question. A lot of people tell me that their stereo doesn't work. That doesn't really tell me what's going on. If you tell me that the stereo's on but you have no sound, that tells me that there's a good chance there is a speaker problem. And most radios, if there's one speaker that has a problem, then it will go into a protection mode which causes all the sound to go away. So then you have to start looking at speakers or the wiring going to them if they have been replaced. Typically, factors speakers to factor wiring is not going to be an issue, so it's not typically a wiring problem or a short, which is what most people think: "I have a short in my radio." If the radio's been replaced with an aftermarket unit and it's having this problem, it can be in the installation of the aftermarket radio or in the installation of the speakers. So the first thing is to determine what is actually going on. Is the whole stereo not working or is it just the sound's not working all of a sudden? And then proceed to, you know, diagnose it if it's in the radio or diagnose it if it's actually in a defective speaker. Age of the car will make a difference. If you have a car that's 15 years old, there's a good chance it's in the speakers because the age will actually...or the environment will actually age the speakers and cause them to deteriorate to the point that they stop working. And when they stop working, they can cause a short at the radio amplifier. And that will cause, you know, the problem with no sound at all.


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