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The best eye surgery to correct astigmatism is LASIK, which uses a laser to reshape the curve of the cornea that is causing the eye to create blurred vision. Discover how astigmatism is caused by a warped cornea with information from an ophthalmologist in this free video on eye care and vision problems.

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Video Transcript

My name's Dr. Alan Watson. I'm an Ophthalmologist in St. Joseph, Missouri, and we're here today to talk about eye problems. Currently, the best eye surgery to get rid of astigmatism is Lasik surgery, where what astigmatism is is a warpage of the cornea of the eye. The cornea is the part of your eye that if you touch it it hurts, and it's sort of like the watch crystal on your wristwatch. And an astigmatic cornea is where the difference in the curvature of the eye... A normal cornea has the same curve from top to bottom as it does side to side; like if you cut a basketball in half it would become a hemisphere where the curves are the same between the two ways. Similarly, an astigmatic cornea is more like a football cut from point to point where the curve along the laces is different than the curve that goes the other way, and those dissimilar curves puts a little twist to the light and makes the image somewhat blurry. And so, what's done with the laser is it reshapes the football and gets rid of the high spots or the low spots so that it becomes hemispheric again and and gets rid of the warpage of the cornea. This has been Dr. Alan Watson, Ophthalmologist, at St. Joseph, Missouri, discussing different eye problems, and the treatment of different eye problems with you.


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