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The pros and cons of women serving in the military, and specifically on the battlefield, is a contentious argument that revolves around whether women have the physical and psychological strength for battle. Many argue that women are more likely to be sexually assaulted if captured in the military. Find out more about the history of women in the military with information from a private in the military in this free video on military service.

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Video Transcript

What are the pros and cons of women in the military? Women have been directly involved in the military for at least four thousand years. In 1600 BC Ahhotep, an Egyptian queen was buried with military medals. Symbolizing her valor in battle. Lady Fu Hao in 1200 BC in China, led three thousand men in battle. In 1000 BC, Gwendolen fights her husband Locrinus. In battle for the throne of Britain. She's victorious and become queen. In the Revolutionary war, right here in the U.S. Deborah Sampson enlisted under the name of Robert Shurtliff. And served for three years. Cutting a Musket ball out of her own leg. So no doctor would find out, she was a women. When finally discovered, George Washington gave her an honorable discharge. Women in military has become particularly contentious in modern times. As we use the, see the exclusion of women for many combat roles. Several modern industrialized nations allow women to fight. But they're few. New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Israel, just to name a few. A major argument against women on the battle field, is physical. On an average, women do not possess the physical strength of men. But we all know that there are some women, who push the bell curve. In this regard. Ever seen Beth Phoenix? Google her sometime and decide if you'd like to see her running at you. With a loaded weapon. Another argument is the psychological concern. Gaining the trust of a soldier of the opposite sex. Comes up often, when asked about possibility of women serving. There's always a possibility of a romantic relationship with any unit. Destroying the cohesive feel. That is built from your first day of Boot Camp. The third argument that we don't like to think about, is a possibility of them being captured and tortured. May be even sexually assaulted. One of the more noble arguments, is a study by the Israeli Defense Force. That found that, when a female soldier was killed or wounded. It was difficult or impossible to maintain control over the men in the unit. This debated for larger minds than mine. But I'm glad, I've had the chance to speak to you about this very important subject.


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