Why Your Sony Laptop Is Overheating

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If a Sony laptop computer is overheating, there may be dust or something trapped in the vent area that is preventing air flow, or the fan may be broken. Replace broken laptop computer fans immediately to prevent permanent damage with advice from the owner of a computer service center in this free video on Sony laptop computers.

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Hi, my name is Roger. I'm with R-Tech Computers. First thing you have to figure out in a situation when a notebook computer is overheating, this applies to any notebook, not just a Sony notebook, that all the fans are working. If all the fans are working and it's still overheating, more than likely you've got dust or something trapped in the vent area that's preventing the air flow from being as robust as it should be, and many times, what happens is the dust will get trapped inside the, underneath the fan in what's called a heat sync which is designed primarily dissipate heat and it actually starts acting as an insulator causing the notebook to overheat. Take it to somebody that's got an air compressor and just blow out the vents and make sure that there's no dust trapped in there and once you get the dust cleaned out, that will usually solve the problem, if your fans are functional. Now if your fans aren't working, then it really, basically you have to replace the fan that's failed. This could be a little bit of a troublesome as notebooks are not very easy to take apart and work on. If you don't want to deal with the costs associated with that, then you can go to www.r-tech.com and do a search for a notebook cooler and you'll find a variety of devices that you can put underneath the notebook and that'll cool the notebook and you know, allow you to continue to use it. Usually the fans are less than fifty dollars and if it's just the fan, the labor to change it out is usually around eighty dollars. Feel free to call us at eight-one-eight, three-four-seven, eleven hundred. If your system should overheat, this is really not a good thing. First of all, it's not very comfortable sitting on your lap with this hot potato and basically what you could end up doing is doing...damaging the CPU or the other chips that are, you know, that the heat syncs and fans are there for to keep them cool and do, end up doing permanent damage to your notebook. We've actually had cases where the notebooks had gotten so hot that the plastic inside had actually melted onto the main board and obviously, you know, in those situations, you can damage your notebook and it can many times be damaged beyond repair, so it's a sim...relatively simple and inexpensive fix to either get a notebook cooler or you know, use the air compressor if your fans are working.


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