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The correct way to catch a football is with proper hand placement, elbows bent at 45 degrees and the thumbs together with the fingers up. Discover how to place the hands to catch a ball that is thrown low with help from a former NFL football player in this free video on playing football and football techniques.

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Video Transcript

I'm Gary Reasons, former NFL linebacker. This topic in this clip is about the proper way to catch a football. Well everybody knows you can throw it and toss it around when you are playing football. Well I'm actually going to demonstrate this without the football because it is all important that you have to have hand placement. When the ball is coming at you as a receiver you have to have some basic leverage. What I mean by that is you have to have your hands ready to receive the ball basically at your stomach area where your elbows are bent about where your hands normally rest at a 45 degree angle. As the ball moves up your hands come up and notice my thumbs, my thumbs are together and my palms are also going together. So you keep your fingers up and your elbows together and your thumbs together so the ball will find its way in here as you go above your head, above your shoulders and across. Now as the ball move down in your core whether it is going to be at your waist or below watch my hands as they turn underneath. The hands come together, the fingers point down and the thumbs are out. So it is a real natural motion to catch the football here and as I come up if the ball is going to come up higher I rotate them up. Those are the key basic ingredients you need to know about the proper way to catch a football.


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