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Instructions to unlock a blackberry and to use its various features are available from the device's user manual, which includes using the keyboard, locating different applications and navigating through menus. Use a blackberry with helpful information from a cell phone specialist in this free video on cellular phones.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ben from The Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California. Today, I'm going to show you kind of some basic instructions on how to use the BlackBerry -- how to turn it on, how to do some basic stuff with it. Okay. So now, my phone is on. The BlackBerry is on. To dial a phone place a phone call on the BlackBerry, you might find that there are a bunch of letters here on the keypad, and then you'll also see that there are numbers above them. Usually, the number keys are half-grey and half-black, so they'll be grey at the top and black on the bottom. The regular letter keys will just be black. See, if you take a look at this one here, this is a different BlackBerry model that has a full keyboard. It has grey for the regular letter keys and then the number keys have a little bit of black on them, too. So it really depends on which model of BlackBerry you get. If you get the full keypad version or the abridged keypad version, the number keys will stand out, but they won't stand out too much. So to place a call on this guy, what I do is I'm just going to dial a number. And you see, when you dial numbers, it just pops up right away. If you just start pressing letters, it'll press those letters, and then it'll search through your contacts list for names that start with that letter. Now, the BlackBerry has a couple of extra keys on it that wouldn't be on a normal phone. It does have this button right here that has a bunch of small dots on it. That's the menu key, also called the BlackBerry key, and what that does...if you press it... So let's say you're in this regular home screen right here. If you press it, it will take you into the icon list, which has all of your icons and applications that your phone comes with. So once you're in the icons list, you'll see that you have messages, calendar, phone book, call log, setup wizard, profiles, which would be your ringer setting. So if you click on that, you'll see that there's a couple of different settings -- one is loud, vibrate, quiet, normal, phone only, and off. That's a pretty neat feature because it allows you to change what noise your phone makes when it rings pretty quickly. So if I'm just going to exit out of that, I'm just going to hit the red key. And the...most of the BlackBerrys today also have a camera built in. Usually, they'll have between a 1.3 and a 2 megapixel camera included. So pretty high resolution camera. It does have a zoom feature. So if I'm in the camera, I'm just going to click on camera. And if I roll the trackball up, it will start zooming in on another image. So to get back to that icon menu where I just was, I can either hit the red key or I can hit this little arrow that goes in that direction, and it has a little circular motion to it. If I hit that, it'll take me right back to that icon list as well. The BlackBerry also has a media player. So if I hit media right here, it'll allow me to save music, video, ringtones, and pictures right here on the device, and that would be where I can access them from -- right there at the media icon. I'm Ben from The Cellphone Broker in San Jose. That's how you use a BlackBerry. If you have any questions, log onto our website --


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