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There are computer programs that make ring tones for phones designed for both Mac and Windows operating systems, and they include Garage Band for a Mac and iTunes for a PC. Find a software program to make ring tones with helpful information from a cell phone specialist in this free video on cellular phones.

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Hi, I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California and today I'm going to show you what the best PC or computer software is to make ring tones and then eventually put them onto your cellphones. There are two types of formats that most people use in terms of computers. There are MAC computers and there are also Windows computers. I'm going to show you what the best two pieces of software for those two types of operating systems are. I've tried both of these pieces of software and I'm really happy with the, with the results that I get out of them in terms of user-friendliness and you know, how easy everything is to, to do. So this is the first piece of software right here. This is called Garage Band and this is a application that comes with all MAC computers. It, like I said it is called the Garage Band; there are several different versions of it; but they all essentially do the same thing. Okay, so now that I have my iTunes music folder open; I also have Garage Band open, I'm just going to find this song that I want to import into here. Drag and drop. It will convert it to the correct format and then from there, I can then cut it down to where I need it to be by hitting a split right here and then it'll split right where this line is. I can then delete this section and then have it start at that section. Okay so right here I'm just going to cut it down a little bit more; I'm going to remove that piece and then I'm just going to come up here to share; sends on the iTunes and it will cut everything down and then have it ready for me right here. So if I turn up the volume, and there's my new ring tone. This is the program that I use for Windows. I, I do not have it downloaded on my MAC computer because like I said, it is a Windows software so it will not install on my MAC computer. But it is called Tone This 3.6. This is a free download. So if you to and you look up Tone This 3.6; this is a very easy to use software. You can check it out on Cnet; they'll have a small little video that, that will allow you to play it and you know, it will show you kind of basically how the software works. So in terms of using a MAC computer, the Garage Band application that comes with the computer is very easy to use and there's a lot of tutorials available from Apple or on your computer that will show you how to use that software. So if you're a MAC user, I strongly recommend that you use Garage Band. If you're a Windows user, the Tone This 3.6 is very easy to use and it's available for free at But if you want to try some other software, there's a lot of software available for Windows users if you go to which is a CNET website. They'll have a, a huge list of free software that you can download for free and they also have a huge list of software that you can, you can pay a couple of bucks for. It really depends on what you're looking for and how much you're to be using the software. So go ahead and shop around; if you're a Windows user, you'll, you will find something that's very easy for you to use and CNET has some great reviews available in terms of you know, how easy the software is to use and, and how, how many people really like it. So I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California. Check out our website at


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