How to Plan a Youth Retreat

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Youth retreats are great ways for children to learn practical and moral lessons, and some ideas for retreats include summer camps or winter retreats. Find out how to take care of release forms for youth retreats with help from an associate pastor in this free video on youth retreats.

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Video Transcript

You're looking to plan a youth retreat and don't really know where to start? First let me commend you on having a heart to do something with the young kids. Retreats are fabulous and they are awesome time to really be able to not just have fun but to impart some practical learning and instill great moral values in our young people. But I will consider you finding out which type of thing you want to use for your retreat; be it a winter retreat; perhaps a, a summer log cabin type of theme of retreat. So this is going to depend, depending on what kind of theme you want really is going to determine or help to determine your location which is very important because, oftentimes many of us don't have log cabins or whatever it is or conference center in our backyard or we don't them. Some organizations do, but some don't. So it's going to depend upon you finding that particular location is going to help you to determine your time. By setting a time of the event is very important because you need to give ample time for kids to come up with money for whatever fees that you have to set; which again will depend upon the location that you find. Because there are different and depending upon where you choose to go, they will be different fees for the register and the services for that particular location that you choose. And I would encourage you get some help. Doing a youth retreat can only be as successful as you're manning volunteers and faithful people that you have helping you. So it's important that you get help; get adult help; they will be there to assist you to make sure that things run smoothly. Now there will be certain things that you have to do as far as getting ready behind the scenes and making sure all appropriate release forms and things like that are taken cared of. These are very important when you're dealing with youth and youth events to where they're going to be away from home; perhaps overnight for, for a few days. You want to, you want to dial all your eyes and cross all your teeth in that situation.


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