Is Almond Oil Good for Removal of Earwax?

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Almond oil can be used to remove earwax, as it can loosen the earwax buildup enough for the body to expel the was on its own, or the loosened earwax can be then removed by an ear, nose and throat doctor. Find a natural oil to help loosen up earwax with information from a practicing otologist in this free video on ear health.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Dr. Jack Shohet, discussing whether or not almond oil is helpful in removing earwax. Almond oil, and other oils for that matter, such as baby oil, mineral oil, or olive oil can be used to loosen up earwax. Typically, it's not enough to have it removed on its own, but by loosening it, you help the ear and the body expel the wax on its own. If you feel the need to have wax removed from your ear canal, the safest way and the most effective way, is to have it done using a microscope, by a Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. They'll use a special instrument called a curette, to pull the wax out of the ear canal, and by doing that, they can see the extent of the wax, and see the important structures to avoid while removing it.


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