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A dry mouth can be a result of several causes, including medications, medical diseases and alcohol consumption. Find out how over-the-counter mouthwashes can lead to a very dry mouth with help from a dentist in this free video on oral health and caring for the mouth.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Larry Klein dentist here in St. Petersburg Florida. Have you ever wondered why some people get dry mouth? Well, there is basically three good reasons.Number one if you're taking a lot of medications. The population here in St. Pete is sometimes on the older side and a lot of times different medications will cause dry mouth. The more medications you are on, prescribed, will definitely cause, elevate the amount of dry mouth that you get. Also, some medications that may not be prescribed, street medicines definitely can cause dry mouth and problems associated with that. Another thing that can cause dry mouth is also different types of medical diseases. Sojourn's syndrome for example, is a great example of that. So, a lot of times if you can't find a cause for it you may need to check your physician. A third reason that can cause dry mouth would be alcohol consumption, and I don't mean just social drinking. Also different types of over the counter mouth washes contain a large amount of alcohol, and that too can dry out your mouth. So, if you have any questions about dry mouth, or you are experiencing it yourself, just remember Larry Klein, here in St. Petersburg where a smile is contagious.


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