How to Tie a Kung Fu Sash

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When tying a kung fu sash, the sash should be put on the left hip for a male and the right hip for a female. Discover how to tie a kung fu sash so that it is tight with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on kung fu sashes.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teachers Association. Joining me today to teach us how to tie the Kung Fu sash is Sifu Dan Schmidt from the Chinese Martial Arts Center in Seminole, Florida. Okay, so the way you want to tie your Kung Fu sash is first you start with the sash, it's very long piece of material, usually it's silk, satin or cotton. Okay, you want to take it flat; if you're a male, you want to put it on the left hip; if you're female, on the right hip. Okay, so take a long strip, press it down to the left hip. You want to let it hang a little bit below the knee. Lay it flat across the front of your body. From here you want to begin to wrap around as you hold it in place; okay, try to keep it as flat as you can. Wrap it around the front the second time. Okay, from here as you overlap, take the first piece that you had; you want to lift it up, go through the hole that you created here, pull straight down. Now at this point you want to make sure it's pretty snug. Pull it tightly. Okay, you should feel it tighten all around your body. Okay, from here you want to take that same piece, go up and over again. This time instead of just pulling straight up, you want to create a loop. Pull up about half way, take the other end; you want to pull tightly. Okay, from here you want to flare out the bow, you want to press it over the left hip; make sure it's tightly against the body. That's how you tie a Kung Fu sash.


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