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Shaolin kung fu typically refers to northern kung fu styles, and these typically employ long-range fighting tactics. Learn about the variety and uniqueness of Shaolin leg movements with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on kung fu training.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody. I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher's Association. Joining me today is Sifu Dan Schmidt, from the Chinese Martial Arts Center in Seminole, Florida. He's going to introduce is to the exciting world of Shaolin martial arts training. So first off with Shaolin training, that typically refers to northern Kung Fu styles. You have northern Kung Fu styles and southern Kung Fu styles. When you hear the term 'Shaolin training', that deals specifically with North China, from the famous temple Shaolin Temple. Okay, a lot of famous styles and a lot of famous fighters came from Shaolin Temple. However, lots of famous teachers, in their own right, and soldiers and things of that nature from North China, practiced their own Kung Fu styles that may have had origins from Shaolin Temple, or perhaps they did a little bit of training there, or they picked up some along the way. Since Shaolin was very famous, a lot of people like to say "Oh, my style is a Shaolin style." But, however, that doesn't specifically mean that their style comes from the Shaolin Temple in North China. However, today, the term Shaolin in a broad brand for all northern styles. Okay. Now what you want to do with Shaolin training, that deals specifically with the north, like I said, so, that deals mainly with long-range fighting tactics. Lots of leaps, lots of kicks. A lot of people make the assumption that northern Shaolin doesn't have a lot of hand movements, which is far from true. There's a lot of hand movements, it just so happens that it's more popular for the leg techniques, because they're so variant and so different. Okay. Now, with all martial arts, with Shaolin training you want to deal with your basics all the way to your intermediate, to your advanced. Now, dealing with basics, that would be such as like the fist, like the flat fist, the standing fist. Your palms, okay, like the willow leaf palm. Also the claw. Different styles have different types of grasps, like you have the eagle claw or you have the hook, this way. Also different types of stances, such as like, you know, the horse stance, the bow stance. There's many different stances. Also with the kicks, you have low kicks, such as like the shin kick. You have high kicks such as, you know, the side kick. Then, of course, there's all sorts of jumping kicks. But basically, like with all martial arts, like I said, you want to deal with building a strong foundation. So that would consist mainly of the basics, mastering the basics. The stances, the different hand techniques, such as, you know, different punching drills. Different kicking drills. And then you want to move on to things, more along, like the lines of sparring practice. Two man forms. And then more fighting, and more weapons. And that's typical Shaolin training.


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