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Techniques for using ninjutsu are based in fluid adaptability and allowing the attacker to attack themselves through their own negative intentions. Defend against a street attack through ninjutsu techniques with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts and ninjutsu.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody. I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teachers Association. We're in for a real treat today. Joining me from the Tampa Martial Arts Quest Center is Senior Master Instructor Mark Russo, who's going to show us what are Ninjutsu techniques. Thanks Mark, take it away. Thanks John. Okay, fundamentally, what makes Ninjutsu techniques are two things: fluid adaptability and allowing the attacker to sort of wreck themselves on their own negative intentions. So, helping me to demonstrate that is my partner, Scott Bragg and what we'll look at is a very modern, what we would call, street attack, a self-defense situation. I'm talking to this individual. What he wants to have happen, he wants to shove me backward with his lead hand and then deliver what we would call the bomb or the haymaker, so it's this door-knocker, kind of a modern hit. So, as a practitioner of Ninjutsu (To-Shin Do), as this comes to get me, I'm going to wedge out of the way. As he starts to hit me, I'm going to let him run into that hand, I'm going to capture up this shoulder, and set up for what might be a damaging technique to his shoulder joint. So, one more time we'll look at that. I'm going to adapt to what it is he's doing, so, rather than force things. He's coming to get me. I let him do that. I sort of squeak out of the way. He's going to hit me. I let him do that by moving my body in a certain way. He runs into my hand. As he starts to refold his hand, I sort of capture that up and position my body so that his musculo-skeletal structure is in a compromised position. This is an example of fluid adaptability, which is the hallmark of Ninjutsu technique. I'm Mark Russo from the Tampa Quest Martial Arts Center.


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