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The first step in learning stealth techniques of ninjutsu, or ninja stealth, is to learn about walking techniques. Get tips on making subtle movements with all of the body's muscles with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts and ninjutsu.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, I'm John Graden. You're in store for an exciting, fascinating segment. Joining me is my friend Mark Russo from the Tampa Quest Martial Arts Center. He's the Senior Master Instructor and number one guy under North America's foremost Ninjitsu Master, Stephen Hayes. Mark is going to teach us about Ninja Stealth. Thank you. Okay Ninja Stealth is a very broad umbrella; quite a bit of information in there; quite a bit of technique. So what we look at is one small piece of that, we'll take a look at some stealth walking technique. First we'll start off with how I might move in, in a wilderness setting. So if I'm moving through some brush or some tall grass. So we'll start off by making sure that I've, have develop the strength to carry my weight on one leg in a very balanced way. Then I would make sure in a, in a very specific way I use the muscles of my right leg in this case to lift my left straight up off the ground. I would blade my foot and kind of move it through that grass, if it's tall grass, mat the grass down and then very very carefully begin to shift the weight from my left to my right, paying attention to any noise that I might be making. Once I've completed that shift and I'm comfortable there; again, subtle technique for lifting my left foot now straight up off the ground. Again, I would blade it through that grass, mat the grass down and follow that procedure again; slowly shift my weight from my right now to my left being careful not to make any noise. So with practice you can become more skilled and obviously quicker about this kind of stealth walking. I'm Mark Russo from the Tampa Quest Martial Arts Center.


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