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A wooden sword is a great training tool, and part of learning how to fight with a wooden sword is learning how to receive an attack by another sword. Turn another swordsman's attack into a counter attack with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts and wooden sword techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everybody. I'm John Graden from the Marital Arts Teaching Association. Here is an exciting segment. This is Mark Russo from the Tampa Quest Martial Arts Center. He's going to show us how to use the wooden sword. Thanks, Mark. OK. A wooden sword is a phenomenal training tool. Again, it does not have a bladed edge, so we don't have to worry about, usually, severe injury. However, there's enough there that it keeps it real. So, this is why a wooden sword is one of my favorite training tools. This happens to be a replica of a katana, better known as a samurai sword. And what we'll do is take a look at how a practitioner of ninjutsu might use a wooden sword in their training. So, to help me with this is my friend Scott Bragg. And what we'll take a look at is a technique called ukemi. Ukemi means "receiving". So, how would I receive an attack by another sword? So, as this attack comes down to cut me, so overhead attack is coming in to cut me here. The way I would receive that is to move my sword around to the side. So, I move my body out of the way. I receive his bladed edge on the flat side of my sword. I may grasp the handle of his to take control. And another way we can use a wooden sword is by using the pommel as a striking implement. And here, I now have control of the attacker's weapon. So, one more time if we go through that. The attacker is coming to get me. I move my body. I receive. I take control of his weapon. I issue a counter attack. By moving my body, I take control of his weapon and issue yet another counter attack. And this is one way you might use a wooden sword for our training purposes. My name is Mark Russo and I'm the senior master instructor at Tampa Quest Martial Arts.


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