How to Do Fighting Moves

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In order to learn how to do fighting moves, it's important to consider both what the body and the mind are doing. Find out how to add intent to fighting techniques with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts fighting moves.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher's Association. How do you do fighting moves? Well, that's a really great question. It's an interesting question because there's two, there's probably more, but two main aspects that we want to consider when we're talking about fighting moves. One of course is what you're doing with your body, because that's the move part, but even more importantly is where your mind is at and what your focus is while you're executing. Here's what I mean; in the Martial Arts and other fighting systems, we see people that can do beautiful techniques, and their form is perfect, their wrist is flat, their body's turned, but there's no intent behind the technique. That's not a fighting move, that's a fighting pose. On the other hand, we see guys straight from the street, Kimbo, guys like that, who don't have that kind of form, but man do they have intent. When they throw that punch, they're not looking for form, they're looking to inflict damage. So as a Martial Artist, what I learned and what I teach is a concept of mixing the two together. When I throw a punch, I don't want it to just have good form, but I want that mother jumper, you come across that line, I'm going to rip your throat out mindset. When I step in that ring, I want that person to immediately, you're in my office and I am not here playing around, I'm not here trying to show off, I'm here to do, to do some damage, to inflict some serious harm on you. Now that doesn't mean that I'm out of control, doesn't mean that I'm particularly cruel, it just means that when you throw your techniques, in order for it to be a fighting move, there has to be intent, there has to be authenticity to it so that you're just not posing in the mirror. I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher's Association. To me, that's how you do fighting moves.


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