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When using nunchakus, it's important to understand that the length of the strings can make a difference in techniques. Learn how to strike with a nunchaku and return to a position of power with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts and nunchucks.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teachers Association, it's my privilege to talk to you today about the nunchucku. Not the numchucks, not the nunchuck, the nunchucku, there's a U at the end. And what this was originally was a flail out in the fields they would smash the wheat with these two sticks connected with either a piece of rope or a piece of steel, because in Japan and in Okinawa they took the weapons away, so they had to turn their farm instruments into weapons. And this is really the only weapon that I've every paid attention to and used. Because it is so practical and it's extremely powerful. When you see people in tournaments and back yard black belts using the nunchucku, typically you will see them spinning around and it almost looks like a baton whirling segment. That's not it. When I enter tournaments I bow in and say this is my nunchucku form, no baton twirling. Weapon. Because this is a weapon, so here's some of the techniques you'll want to practice. First, understand that the length of the strings can make a big difference. The longer, more difficult it is to manage. This is real good length for me. First technique I want you to work on, grabbing about two-thirds down the stick, and this is a strike. You're going to fire out, and right back under the arm-pit. Pow, pow, none of this. You're not making a movie here, gang. You've got somebody you need to whack, and immediately return to a position of power. If I have two of them, boom, they both go out the same way. The second thing I'll have you work on is to gain some control. With very simply figure eights, notice how little my wrist is actually moving. I'm not doing big motions, I'm just gaining control of the flail. The next thing I'm going to have you work on doing, is with your thigh, you ought to spin this down, and make sure you don't want the end of the chuck to hit you, because that will hurt you bad. You'll get some serious feedback that you did it wrong, you want the top third to hit. So here it comes flying through the air, incredible speeds, and it just wraps, and it will come right back in the opposite direction. So just like this slowly, one two, down and over the back. One, two, down and over the back. So the beauty of it is when you roll it off your back, same thing. I don't want to smash my back with the end of it, I just want that top part to kind of wrap around. Wrap around. Main techniques, strike and learn to roll if off your body. I'm John Graden and this is the nunchucku, not the numchuck. Thanks


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