How to Tie a Jiu-Jitsu Belt

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When tying a jiu-jitsu belt, fold it in half and then quarters, push one of the quarters to the hip, and bring the long end around. Discover how to finish tying a jiu-jitsu belt with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts belts.

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Video Transcript

HI everybody I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teachers Association. With the great popularity of mixed martial arts we are seeing a lot of students get involved in jiu jitsu. it's very important that when we are in the martial arts we learn to tie our belt correctly. The belt typically is going to go around you twice. I like to fold it in half, and then fold it into quarters. Take one of those quarters and push it to your hip so that the shorter end is in front of you. Then, reach around and remember a lot of schools do not allow your belt to touch the ground. At least when you are not wrestling on the ground. So, try and keep it off the ground, like I just failed doing. I'm taking the long end laying it on top, and I will take my fingers, grab those two together, and keep it close to me. Bring the long end around again, lay it on top, and here we come to the front. So, in my left hand I have that original quarter and the part that went around. In my right hand I have, kind of the working one, the one that is still active. Once on top, it's time to tie. I go over the top of both of these, under the bottom of both of these. Then, from here I got to kind of shuffle it around. Watch my fingers. Even the belt. Shuffle a little more. Then, take the top one, since it is on the top, bring it over the top of the bottom one. Then again a little shuffle, and then pow pop it. You want them to be equal, and that is how you tie a very loose belt, but either way that is how you tie your jiu jitsu belt. I'm John Graden, thanks.


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