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A karate belt should be tied in a very precise way, and a well-tied belt is a sign of discipline in karate. Fold a karate belt over twice to start the process of tying the belt with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts belts.

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Hi everybody, I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teachers Association. If you know anything about Asia, particularly Japan, you know that the Japanese are very precise. And of course the art of Karate, Karate-do comes from Japan and there's, in their mind only one way to tie a belt and that's the right way. So I want you to watch this video over and over until you get it right. A well-tied belt is a sign of discipline. A sloppy belt is, well, a sign of slop. So here we go. I'm going to take my belt, fold it in half and then fold it in half again; so I've got a quarter here. I'm going to take this quarter and push it against my hip and then I'm going to bring this other side around. As I bring it around I just want to lay it flat against my body and I let it go and watch this, it's going to go on top. Take my left thumb and hold it in place and replace it with my right hand. Coming back around again and I kind of, kind of hold this here, let it go; I will lay it right on top of the other one. So I don't want this, oh no, that's slop; okay, lay it right on top. So you can take your thumb and index finger, just kind of roll it along; so we have them both in front. The original quarter is, as you can see, underneath, the other one is on top; the one that's on top is going to do all the work. I want to bring it over both and then under both. And this is where I met right now, okay. And again, thumb and index finger, thumb and index finger, I want it to be even; as you see I'm doing here. They were like this, I want them to be nice and even. And I tuck it in a little bit, get it tighter to me. The one that's on; where did you go; the one that's on top is going to go underneath and then through. When you pop that knot, pull it down so it's nice and neat. And that is how you tie, "haah", your Karate belt. I'm John Graden. Thanks.


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