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When punching a heavy bag, be sure to wrap the hands and wrists to prevent injury, tighten up the wrist with each punch and maintain control of the bag by starting off slowly. Punch a heavy punching bag like a pro, being careful not to create any injuries, with tips from an amateur boxer in this free video on boxing skills.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Jonathan and I'm with Champion MMA and today we are going to be talking about how to punch a heavy bag. The first thing I want to always say make sure you wrap your hands. Your hands have got to be wrapped before you start hitting any type of bag. You can get hurt, your knuckles, break your wrist so it is very important you do that before you start hitting the bag. The first step we are going to go here with the heavy bag is make sure every time you punch tighten up your wrist o'kay. Don't go and try to punch that bag and not have the wrist tightened up because you can break your wrist by punching and another thing I want to say is make sure the bag is now balancing the meantime you are punching. Try to have control on the bag, not go crazy as soon as you start punching the bag will be moving and you will be trying to catch it on the way back and you don't have good timing and you can break your wrist by doing that. So we want to make sure have control on the bag, start slowly and as you get better progress the speed on the bag. I'm going to demonstrate how to do it. Make sure to tighten up your wrist, control on the bag and that that bag doesn't go bouncing around too much. You can get hurt if you don't have good timing on the bag. That's how we hit the heavy bag.


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