How to Draw a Family Tree Diagram

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Drawing a family tree diagram begins by getting all of the names from the family, sketching out the general shape of a tree and inserting all the names in their appropriate places. Get creative, even using a bit of humor, when making a family tree with art instruction from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today, we're going to learn how to draw a family tree diagram. First thing is you want to draw the tree or at least give yourself a shape. And you want it to expand out as it comes down because that's where most of your names are going to be. Now, the hardest thing about the family tree diagram is going to be doing your homework and finding all the names you're going to need but start with whoever your prime ancestor is and work your way down. So, he would split down to however many kids old Grandpa Bob had and you'd write their names in, Fred, Emily. Now, you could get as complicated and put their last names in too and that will eventually have to come in from there, you know, to branch down even farther, give yourself room to make the flow chart work. And you basically work your way down the tree until you're at the bottom, giving your names in each one of these little points. And the tree itself, I guess you can pick whether you want it to be a deciduous or a conifer, but it's pretty simple stuff. And if, I mean, if you want to make it humorous, you could put an apple with a worm out of it and this could be Cousin Ferd, the bad apple that fell from the tree or something, I don't know. You could have fun with that. That's basically the construction elements of your family tree. It's really very simple. The hard part's going to be is finding all these names that go into the - and that's how you draw a family tree diagram.


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