Best Exercises to Remove Cellulite

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The best exercises for removing cellulite include basic squats and standing lunges, both of which can be combined into super-sets. Work on breathing and repetitions when doing exercises to get rid of cellulite with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercises.

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Video Transcript

As you get older I'm going to teach you a couple ways to start to remove cellulite from the body or so called cottage cheese in the butt as a lot of women refer to it as. Now to start out the initial thing would be doing basic squats, just coming down, dropping the butt, bending the legs, keeping your head up and down just like this nice and low. Another thing would be standing lunges, start out at the bottom, start in a box position keeping this knee right in line with that heel, keeping this knee right in line with your torso and just coming up and down, keeping your core in tight, nice and easy exhaling every time you come up and breathing in every time you come down. You can do the same thing for the other side, just switch it out, make that box and pushing up and down. Now when it comes on to the ground you can do a couple other exercises to work your butt, tone and tighten the buns, the gluts, the hamstrings, and the quads. Start with the basic exercises, a quick circle would be coming up to the side, you do about ten or fifteen reps of each of these and come up to the side and kick out to the side from here then keeping it straight swing it around, then keep it out and touch the ground with your legs, extending it, bringing it back, bring the knee in and about. Do about ten times of each of these, keep breathing continuously while you are doing them, bring the knee in, bring it up to the sky and finish off with a round house, bring it up, out and down. A few basic exercises like this, perform about three to four sets, ten to fifteen reps of each one and that will start to tone and tighten your butt and start to reduce and hopefully get rid of cellulite.


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