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When buying a Web site, it's important to try to improve the content and to add updates as much as possible. Find out how to buy a Web site through a simple Google search with help from a Web designer in this free video on buying Web sites.

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Hi, I'm Noah. And I'm going to show you how to buy a website. Buying websites can be a good way to go. If you want to start some kind of on-line business. Where profit is generated by advertisement. But not, on much of a web designer. Often you can buy a simple website that's already made with some content. And then try to just improve on it. By improving the key words or updating the content regularly. To keep visitors going to the site. Now to do this, you will want to have some knowledge of search engine optimization techniques. And you'll want to be sure that the website you buy. Is a very good Niche. Meaning that it's a segment of the market. Where there aren't a lot of competing websites. Or it's specific enough that if somebody will search for it. There's a good chance they'll go to your website. Finding a place to buy a website isn't that hard to do. A simple Google search for the words, Buy Website. Will turn up lots of results. Two well known websites for buying and selling, already made websites are And also Here you'll find lots of listings to choose from. For already made and functioning businesses on the web. Which can be purchased. Now for some of these, if they're very highly sort domain names. Or very high advertisement revenue. The prices can reach very, very high up. Here for example, for a simple website offering stylish pointers for your screen. You might have to pay up to around eighty thousand dollars for example. Websites can reach a lot more than that, though. Here for example, a website with a domain offering cell phone accessories. Has an asking price of around half a million dollars. Now there are a lot of rip offs on these sites. So you do have to be careful what you buy. But there are possibilities in buying websites.Which can generate a lot of advertisement revenue.


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