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There are a number of books and programs that a person can read in order to learn about wealth management, and some of these seminars are put on by large banks or stock brokerage firms. Learn about risk and mix of assets in wealth management training with help from a portfolio manager in this free video on money management and personal finances.

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Hi, this is Roger Groh at Groh Asset Management. Suppose that you were the number one pick in the NBA draft and you, all of a sudden receive a large amount of money. What would you do? Well, probably the smartest thing to do would be to learn how to manage your wealth. There are any number of programs and books that you can read and acquire in order to help you along that process. Some ideas, if your account is at a large bank or stock brokerage firm, they may have seminars that they put on and it maybe worth going or listening to some of those seminars online in order to hear what these established speakers are saying. What they'll probably talk about is risk and mix of stocks and bonds and maybe make some recommendations. But the big thing here is risk and mix of assets to determine what your risk is going to be. Other things that you can use are calculators, available on most brokerage firm websites that can show you what risk really means. Good rule of thumb, once every ten years the stock market will go in half; you have to be able to handle that and it's easy to sit here and say,"Yeah, I can do it; yeah I can do it". But the reality is, that if you've never done that, you need to think really carefully because it can get to you. Last but not least, try and team up with a seasoned pro; maybe actually give them your money for an extended time period. Let them run it and just keep a running conversation going with that person so do you understand what they're doing and the methodology behind it and then ultimately you can apply that to your own account. Hope that helps. I'm Roger Groh at Groh Asset; thank you very much for spending time with me.


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