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The profile of a router bit refers to the shape created when looking at the bit from a side view or angle. Discover how to make different cuts in boards with different router bits, including flush-trimmed bits, with help from a furniture-making student in this free video on woodworking and wood routers.

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Now I'm going to go into detail a little bit more about the router bits themselves. What I'm going to be focusing on is the actual profile of the bit. What this means is like when you're looking at a side view of the bit, the actual shape that it creates. This is what the end result of the actual piece of wood will be. These three bits that I'm holding here are called quarter round bits. These bits are used without a fence. What happens is this bearing rides on the surface of the wood and this curve right here, this radius cuts on the edge of the board creating a quarter round. This one in particular, this is a half inch radius, this is a three quarter inch radius and this is a one eighth of an inch radius. Next bit that we'll be focusing on is this, this is a cove. This cuts an inward curve into the edge of a board. Once again this is a one eighth of an inch radius. This is a quarter inch radius and another quarter inch radius. Same thing, bearing that rides along the surface. This one right here is a flush trimmed bit. This was shown in an earlier video where it was used to duplicate a pattern. This bearing rides along the surface on one board and then this one, this cutting edge, cuts the surface of the board that's next to it mimicking it's shape. This router bit is used to apply a rabbit into the edge of a board. Depending on the size bearing that you put on this bit, it adjusts the depth of cut into the board changing the size of the rabbit. This bit is another straight bit. It is made sort of like a drill bit. It can plunge straight into a board, it's used on a hand held plunge router. What you do is it goes like this, it plunges down into the board and then you can move freely, you can almost as if you're drawing with it or you can have a guide mounted to your router which follows certain pattern that you may have affixed to your actual piece that you're working on. This bit that we have here mounted in the actual router is a chamfer bit, it's angle is 45 degrees and once again this is another bit that is running with a bearing, you don't require a fence, just puts a 45 degree angle on the edge of the board. In addition to these bits that I've just shown you, there are many other bits that you can purchase at stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's, and other hardware stores. You can actually if they don't sell the bit that you desire, you can have certain bits made to certain profiles that you want.


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